Gotta Getta Plan

I’ve done pretty well staying on track with my sewing this year (all six weeks of this year) but I can see danger ahead if I don’t get a grip.

The issue is this: Every time I set foot in a sewing store or shop, I’m going to find either a fabric or a pattern that I want to “run up.” As in “I’ll just run up that skirt in poplin.” It’s a given.

I’ll be working on a plan that incorporates budgets for money, time, actual wardrobe needs and experimental learning projects. If any of these elements were infinite, I wouldn’t need a plan. So, simple, I’ll make a plan.


Right now, I’m going to run up my second Hollyburn skirt for my daughter, go to Bible study and get the floor vacuumed. Right after I get out of my robe. Hmmm. I really need a new robe…


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