Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Vacuum dressed in a bag

Vacuum dressed in a bag

Much to my surprise, my vacuum didn’t come with on board accessory storage. That kind of sucks (sorry about that).  So I spent a pleasant morning constructing a simple sack with an extra long handle. It carries the upholstery brush, crevice cleaner and whatever that other little thing is. When the vacuum isn’t in use I just tie the bag to its handle. While I’m using it, I have the bag over my shoulder, messenger style.

Next up, a bucket bag from the Craftsy platform.  (If you sew, knit, crochet or do any other kind of craft, including baking cakes and working with media such as glass, you need to go to and drool look over all the cool classes. I’ve really enjoyed each one I’ve taken. Some of them are free.)

The free Bag Making Basics class,  led by Kristin Link, resulted in the little bucket bag.  I used fat quarters, which made it very cheap to construct.

Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag for knitting supplies

Then I decided I needed a purse. My good leather one is just a tad small in the zipper to accommodate my iPad. Since my iPad doesn’t actually grow out of my right wrist, as my husband claims, I need a way to carry it.

Enter the Bow Tucks Tote designed by Peggy Sturges of Quilts Illustrated at

Wool Herringbone and Suede Tote

Wool Herringbone and Suede Tote

St Pats Day Bag

My summer bag: St. Patrick’s Day green dots, multi-colored stripes and a blue suede pocket. Untying the bows on the side releases another block of space, making this a purse-size bag that expands to a tote-size.

After what I considered a triumph on my wool herringbone and suede tote, can you blame me for making the second one? Since I’m working with spring and summer fabrics I made this vibrant little number to help me blast into a spring in which Emerald Green is the Pantone color of the year. Wouldn’t want to miss that!

After using a soft fusible fleece in making the black and white bag, I experimented with Stiff Stuff from Lazy Girl Designs at It’s an amazing sew-in interfacing and it made the second bag a very different creature from the first. When you untie the bows on the sides the fabric springs open to reveal that extra space. Boing!  We’ll see if I survive the spring with a bag with attitude. Of course, I have more than a little of that myself…here’s me, working on the art of self-portraiture via  self-timer. Me


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