Sew Pumped Up!


This is what I call eye candy. I just can’t look away from the colors and spirit sewn into these little purses and bracelets. We sewed and talked and prayed and stitched and painted and beaded and this is what we came up with. They’ll be delivered halfway around the world to women who are surviving human trafficking.

Now, with those words, do you want to look away? Please don’t. Your donation can make a difference. Have you had a chance to donate to the I Make Because She’s Worth It Campaign yet? Details are at where Andrea and her daughters are raising money for a sewing project in Cambodia and a safe house in India. Or you can hit the badge on the right side of my page.

Strange perhaps that our little church group in the southeastern corner of Indiana got hooked into Andrea’s vision but God works in mysterious ways and we’re all brothers and sisters in His eyes.

or just Google the campaign and read all about it.


3 thoughts on “Sew Pumped Up!

  1. Aw, how wonderful, good for you! And, a lovely array of loot, as well. I shall check out that link.

    Have you checked out my giveaway yet? I’m having a giveaway on my blog to celebrate the first day of spring (or autumn, depending on where you live)!


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