Election Day project

After I voted, here’s what I workied on: New Look pattern A6306 includes a view featuring decorative buttons .  It was a no-brainer to use this trim little classic vest as a a  stashbuster for my collection. Delicious chocolately brown satin for the lining and back will make for a neutral yet tactile piece that I’ll wear a lot!

I cut, lined and sewed the buttons on the vest before Election Day and finished up just in time to do my civic duty.

I’m using medium weight Pellon interfacing to anchor those buttons and keep the cotton/lycra ponte from being too drapey.

Hand-sewing 33 buttons was the hardest part of this easy pattern.

Next, I invite you to visit a wonderful blog  at 

She’s got great ideas on how to get your wardrobe working for you!

Just realized I never got a finished view posted here. Ta-da! Craft as Therapy Button Vest CroppedThis is where I either go into a long blather about all the mistakes I made or just shut up and let you enjoy the peek! The sequin-collar chiffon blouse came from Lane Bryant.

Zebra A-Go-Go

Craft As Therapy Pockets a gogo and Sewing Space 018

So its called a Pocket A-Go-Go and you can make your own by following the directions at

My first Pocket-A-Go-Go was pretty floppy, so I made this one with Pellon interfacing and Velcro so that it actually does stand up … Craft As Therapy Pockets a gogo and Sewing Space 010while you load all this stuff into it! Here’s what I got into mine:

Craft As Therapy Pockets a gogo and Sewing Space 006

Now I’m running over to Pretty Grievances at to enter my organizer into her Jungle January – In Praise of Textile Beasties sewalong. You should visit her there.  She proposed a month of wild guest posts and projects. UPDATE: Oooh, oooh. There were so many pretty animal print outfits there. You really should visit her!