Buy Shoes and Organize – A Win Win Situation!

If I can’t live without it, throw it away or recycle it, I can darn sure PUT IT IN AN ADORABLE CONTAINER! Simply put, this is a post about cardboard boxes. I’ve heard they sell shoes in them, too!

Exhibit A:

Four Years of High School in 4 Boxes

4 Years of High School in Four Boxes

Here we have copy paper boxes from my husband’s office. I primed them with white paint and then spray painted them bright yellow. Since labeling is essential I used some simple letter stamps from my grandkids’ art kit and stamped the owner’s initials on them. I did this when my daughter moved to college and I haven’t had to trip all over her treasures since. She knows there here when she gets ready to move to her first real apartment.

Exhibit B: Medium-sized sturdy box wrapped with paper. Paper Covered BoxIt doesn’t get much simpler than this. Warning, though. Remember I said labeling is essential?  I successfully stored twelve magazines for five years in this box. Magazines? Seriously?

Exhibit C: Also a shoe box but this one has fabric glued to it. Bonus? The fabric is an upcycled oxford shirt.

Oxford Shirt BoxI used a piece of the placket from the sleeve just for a little interest. The label is a piece of grosgrain ribbon with the word “TIES” written in yellow fabric paint. Won’t have to guess what we’re storing in there!Oxford Shirt Box Label